Our history

With an expansive area of 13 hectares and a production area of 30,000 square meters, Ranieri possesses one of the largest boat construction sites in Europe. Ranieri was established in the early 70s due to the ambitious creativity of Antonio Ranieri. From a very young age, he realized his biggest dream by starting a collaboration with Tullio Abbate, a famous boat builder and offshore racer from Como, renowned worldwide. This partnership led to a rapid escalation for the brand, establishing itself both nationally and internationally. To this day, the two brands continue to collaborate, united by strong friendship and a continual desire to innovate.

For the design of its boats, the brand makes use of the most advanced forms of existing technology related to numerical simulation activities. It uses complex calculation codes in the field of hydrodynamics for the submerged part of the boat and aerodynamics for the emerged part of the boat. This approach ensures the maximum level of efficiency, safety, and performance for its customers.

Merging almost 50-years of know-how in boat building with new technologies.

Antonio Ranieri and Tullio Abbate on the "Senna" boat produced for the multi-champion of formula one Ayrton Senna

The first Genoa Boat Show

Ranieri Walk Around 5.60

Ranieri 19 Open produced in collaboration with Tullio Abbate and BMW Italia

Antonio Ranieri On board the legendary T15 Tullio Abbate

Antonio Ranieri On board the legendary T15 Tullio Abbate

Ranieri Endavour 1990

The racing experience

The racing experience

The project with Unical is born

All new models are subjected to our extremely severe crash tests, i.e. tests with prohibitive marine weather conditions